LongLat's Story

“I owe much of my success to my father – he taught me everything. He taught me about honesty and integrity and reliability; he taught me the importance of being a person of your word; and he taught me about quality. The tenets on which this company was built were with his influence, and all I did was expand on them.” - Parkson Liang, CEO.

LongLat Inc. continues to grow from its humble beginnings, keeping the commitment to quality and innovation that separates us from our competition. This family-owned company continues to provide high quality travel goods around the globe, supplying to specialty retailers, department stores and online retailers with an assortment of branded and private label collections.

The LongLat leadership team offers an all encompassing background, including manufacturing and product development, sales and marketing, finance, logistics and technology.

The team coordinates the activities of LongLat around the world; all dedicated to producing and distributing the finest products of their kind, and providing the best service in the industry, all the while delivering a value-based range of product.

Our people, and our commitment to our shared values, are the determining factors behind our global success.

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